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The Arsonist is a common malefactor found in The Suffering: Ties That Bind.


The Arsonists represent being burned alive. They tie specifically to Baltimore's high instance of abandoned building fires, often killing impoverished people trapped inside.


The Arsonist's body consists of two human bodies melted together at the hip from being burnt, giving it two bald heads, two arms, and three legs, which give it a swaggering gait. Like the Inferna, this Malefactor's body is eternally engulfed in fire, giving it charred, orange skin, and glowing orange eyes. On it's back are six thin appendages tipped in metal hooks with chunks of melted, charred flesh stuck on them. It is only clad in burnt bandages wrapped around each of it's calves and forearms. When standing idle, it stands with the lright body huddled to the left, supporting it's weight, similar to a pair of impoverished people attempting to handle harsh conditions. It makes haunting wailing noises when spawning and attacking. It's body temperature is incredibly high, able to pass through metal bars and concrete by melting it.

Telltale SignEdit

The Arsonist is capable of spawning from flames, or completely without warning. Right before they spawn, the whole area will be illuminated by a split-second bright flash, accompanied by the Arsonist's haunting wail. In some cases, the Arsonists will cause an entire building to explode into flames before appearing.


Arsonists are able to charge around at great speeds, leaving a brief trail of harmful flame behind them. They are also able to throw fireballs that move through the air incredibly fast, as well as breathe fire around itself in a harmful and somewhat taunting manner. They are also able to slam their palms against the ground, sending a fireball underground that will follow Torque, leaving a trail similar to the Burrower above it, before finally surfacing and exploding into a column of flame. Touching an Arsonist will cause Torque to catch ablaze, and for a close-range attack, the Arsonist will briefly hover a foot above the ground and wail before slamming down and creating a compact fiery explosion.

After dying, the Arsonist will fall backwards and make a small fiery explosion as well.

Archieve Entry

Jordan's Entry

"This malefactor is most curious because of it's ability to survive despite being perpetually engulfed in flame. It's fire is persistant and never extinguishes for as long as it's host lives. It's flesh appears to flake off as it chars, yet the malefactor seems unhurt. Baltimore has a high incidence of abandoned building fires, often with squatters or other impoverished people trapped in these run-down buildings and burned alive. If only they could survive as well as the Arsonist."