Corrections Officers within Abbott, they are some of the humans caught in the cataclysm. A number of them can ally with Torque, while others will attack him on sight. Notable COs are listed below. For the most part their fates assume that Torque helps them; though he can choose to kill most of them well before they actually accomplish anything.

Suff 001

Head C.O.

Head CO

The Head C.O. is the first able C.O. Torque runs into. He decides "to hell with protocol" and teams up with Torque for a short time. He is killed when he approaches the electric chair while Horace is reliving his execution. His death equips the player with their first firearm, the standard issue C.O. revolver.


Hargrave is the warden at the prison. It is not clear whether Hargrave has been corrupted by the evil of Carnate Island or if he is simply acting of his own accord, but during the cataclysm he takes it upon himself to enact a more brutal and final method of justice upon the inmates (he begins executing any inmates he can find, believing Judgement Day has come). He, along with several loyal C.O.s, fights Torque at V-Block, first using a stationary machine-gun then switching to dual revolvers after taking enough damage. If Dallas is in tow, he will comment on how glad he is to see Hargrave dead, implying that he was brutal before the cataclysm.

Harley and his FriendEdit

Shortly after entering and leaving the prison for a second time, Torque runs into two guards. Both are (pointlessly) attempting to fend off Festers with Tommy Guns. Harley, the only one identified by name, has gone mad and wants to kill the monsters, while his unnamed partner is constantly trying to drag him back to relative safety. If Torque kills the Festers and protects the guards, he thanks Torque for the assistance (good action). Their fate is unknown, though they do hold up in the base of one of the towers.

Other CO appearancesEdit

  • In the beginning of Chapter 1 of the game, a CO tells Torque to remain in his cell, before being killed by a Slayer. A susequent CO is also killed in a similar manner.
  • Frequently at the start of the game, video monitors show COs in combat with Slayers, in which they are killed shortly after.
  • In Chapter 2, a CO is executed in the manner of a firing squad by a Marksmen.
  • Outside the prison, COs can be seen manning watchtower spotlights in order to locate and kill the monsters. They shoot at Torque at one point on assuming he is a monster himself.
  • Upon entering the prison after this, a guard can be heard over the intercom expressing the hopelessness of his situation, before ending the transmission with a gunshot. This implies that he committed suicide.
  • When Torque escapes the prison after meeting Luther, a trio of guards can be overheard resting below a tree near the graveyard. They will be heard expressing their disgust for both the inmates and Hargave, and upon seeing an armed Torque will begin to attack him. Following this, Slayers will appear and attack both COs and Torque.
  • In the quarry, a radio can be seen on the floor, where the player can humorously overhear two COs arguing about their situation.
  • Further in the quarry, a trio of COs can be seen endlessly fighting Slayers. They will all die upon Torque covering up the spawning hole with a dropped boulder.
  • Returning to the prison, a guard can be seen manning a turret, but to no avail as the approaching Fester cannot be harmed in this way. He is killed shortly after by a Marksmen's gunfire.

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