Captains are stronger versions of already classified Malefactors. There are three types of Captains: Slayer captains, Triggerman captains, and Arsonist captains. These variants are only seen on the game The Suffering; Ties That Bind, where they run among the burning city of Baltimore.


The Slayer and Triggerman captains are recognized by appearing to be covered in black, metal armor and surrounded with smoke. Arsonist Captains are much larger than normal Arsonists, and have fiery blades attached to spider-like limbs. All Captains have the ability to spawn 2-3 normal variants of themselves in order to allow the player to kill them for Insanity.

Telltale SignEdit

The smoke surrounding them and the ricochet from bullets that hit them are the most noticeable indicators of their presence. That and the fact that they are invulnerable to ordinary attacks from melee to projectile weapons.


All Captains retain the basic attacks of their weaker bretheren. They also have the ability to summon normal Malefactors of their kind; the noise of them doing so is the only audio clue of their existance.

How to KillEdit

All Captains are impervious to normal weapons. They can only be killed by Torque's monster form. Torque can kill their weaker versions if he does not have a full Insanity Meter upon meeting them.

Special NotesEdit

Since they have the ability to spawn normal Malefactors, they should be dealt with ASAP. Captains can attack in pairs; if they do, make sure that you have killed ALL captains before dealing with any other Malefactors.

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