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Waiting to die

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"My first day on the island, I knew my life was over.I had reached the heart of the darkness, a Stygian abyss, the supreme nexus of despair. I knew." -Ranse Truman

Short stay on D block

Most of what is known of the inmate Torque's exploits on Carnate Island begin with his escort by Ernesto Alvarez and Warden Cash through the halls of Abbot to his cell in D block; mere moments before the cataclysm and subsequent release of the malefactors on the island.

Though the CCTV system monitors a vast majority of the area inside the prison, major malfunctions following the inciting event leave much information questionable. All information contained here and after concerning Torque's specific actions and locations are subjective.

Torque's escape

Following his delivery to his cell, standard banter of the inmates ensued. This was interrupted, however, by the earthquake of the cataclysm, the event that allegedly release the numerous malefactors onto the island, and eventually Baltimore.

After the quaking settled, Torque's cell door was destroyed and collapsed. There are three rumors as to how: One, which would seem most likely, is that it was directly caused by the quake. Two, an extremely rare malefactor, one only witnessed by an extreme few, took down the door with a single swipe and then disappeared nearly as quickly as it appeared. Three, which surprisingly has the most physical evidence supporting it, suggests that Torque, in some sort of adrenaline fueled rage, was able to damage the door so severely that it collapsed, releasing him.

D Block

CCTV tapes show that Torque, wisely, searched the surroundings well. The guard rooms, office, showers, etc, but found no escape until he managed to open the gate (main hall intersection) leading away from the D block cells and eventually downstairs to the infirmary and electrocution chamber. It was somewhere around this time that most believe he teamed with a D block C.O. for a short time to take down several slayers. The C.O., later found dead, was likely killed by something other than Torque, but he does seem to be Torque's first source of a firearm.

Torque eventually makes his way to the main entrance/foyer of D building, but finds the doors to the outside blocked. The only place left to go is the hall leading the opposite direction than he came, which eventually leads him to the gas chamber. Although an unknown malfunction caused the gas in the chamber to activate and the door to open, Torque miraculously was saved due to a large slayer breaking through the safety glass separating the gas room and the witness area. Through this passageway he was able to make his way to the basement. The D block sub level.

New items and malefactors discovered