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The worst place on earth

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Slumber of the dead

"Take away a man's light, his clothes, his food, his friends, his air, and you leave him with nothing but himself. And for most that is not pleasant company." -Ranse Truman

While the surveillance system does not extend into the basement and sub-levels of the prison, much of Torque’s path and actions there are still well known.

Entering the basementEdit

Finding one of the few accessible passageways from the main prison complex into the sub-levels, Torque enters the basement via the previously cordoned-off hallway leading to the old boiler room. After activating the lighting disconnect at the end of the hall, he hears the alleged voices of several individuals who were previous residents of the island, in varying capacities. ( Hermes T. Haight, Dr. Killjoy, and Horace P. Gauge ).

Torque, following the voices, enters a large, seemingly active and powered, boiler room at its upper level catwalk. The door behind him slams and locks shut. Then each “ghost” of Carnate physically appears and gives cryptic insight into an apparent but previously undeveloped personality or ability of Torque’s. Horace bursts forth from a large electrical panel after a bizarre power surge, Hermes appears from a cloud of gas coming from a series of damaged pipes, and Killjoy seems to be revealing his image from an antique 16mm projector in a sealed control room.

Torque's testEdit

After each ghost’s monologue, several slayers enter the room seemingly only to combat Torque. As he dispatches them, the ghosts continue to goad him into revealing and utilizing the hidden persona within him. This exchange, coupled with the continued battle with the slayers, causes his stress level to increase, along with his adrenaline, until a tipping point is reached.

What happened next is subject to speculation as no eyewitness accounts or video records are available. It is rumored that he somehow transformed into swift and agile, but vicious creature which has the capability of completely dismembering the toughest of malefactors with nothing but a single strike, often times several at a time.

What is medically more likely is that Torque suffers from psychological and neurological issues which cause his endocrine system to overcompensate for high stress levels, causing excess amounts of adrenaline and the body’s natural corticosteroids to be created, giving him enhanced reflexes, strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

Torque finds his way backEdit

Having entered into this maniacal rage and handily dispatched a wave of slayers, the ghosts seem satisfied. A door at the lower level of the boiler room opens to allow Torque to leave. He makes his way through an old electrical room, a hallway, and a storage room, in the last of which he finds a large open hole in the ceiling allowing him to make his way to the main level of the basement. From there he has his first run-in with the malefactors known as the Marksmen. Making his way through the maze-esque rooms of cells and storage rooms, he discovers a series of secret walls, movable by hidden hand-cranks, apparently hiding the bunker-like office of the previous army colonel. It is through this room he is able to find his way upstairs and back to ground level.

New items and malefactors discoveredEdit

Some notable quotes from the chapterEdit

  • "I been here a long time, and I don't understand much about this place. But I know your bein' here ain't no coincidence."- Horace P. Gauge (boiler room)
  • "Don't worry, we all have problems in here. You'll fit right in" - Hermes T. Haight (boiler room)
  • "When they left me out of the hole, I was ready to re-join society and kill every last one of them." - unknown spirit (cell)