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Abbot prison blues

Slumber of the dead is the third chapter of The Suffering: Prison Is Hell. Here Torque meets Dallas who will be his ally up to the end of Chapter 4 if he doesn't kill him and takes a lethal injection lesson from Dr. Killjoy.

Gameplay Edit

This is a rather short level. Go to the observation room and start the monitor for Killjoy's lesson to begin. This is the first time when you'll see a projector blocking a door in a level. The syringes he sticks into an inmate will look invisible, but will be seen when Torque will reach the room. Dr. Killjoy cannot be seen without using the monitor.

After the lesson finishes, you will be able to exit the room and Dallas will open the opposite door. He will say that he heard about experiments being conducted on inmates by the government, which he believes are the reason behind the creatures. You will reach the room where Doctor Killjoy has performed lethal injection and then you will go down a hill and fight creatures. Reach some scaffolding. Go up on them and jump over the fence. Dallas, if alive, will warn you about entering T-Block, describing the interior as "fucked-up juju". Open the door to T-Block and the level will end.

Quotes Edit

  • "I heard the governments' been conducting experiments on us inmates, next phase of MK-Ultra if you can believe that shit. Now it's turned into the mother of all cluster fucks." - Dallas (Building exit)

Gallery Edit

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