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Abbot prison blues is the fourth level of The Suffering: Prison is Hell.


It was observed that Torque entered T-Block and encountered a new malefactor: the Mainliner.

At the same time warden Hargrave and a few fellow Correctional Officers were enforcing Hargrave's wish to "wash the scum from the Earth", meaning the execution of all prisoners. Footage of them conducting this plan was discovered.

Hargrave's dead body was found in a small room where a fixed machinegun was located. Other corpses of COs have been found in the area. Judging by the monitors it can be concluded that he and other COs were killed by Torque.


  • If you go with Dalles, you will witness a cinematic in which Dalles will look down at a pool of blood from which a mainliner will appear. This cinematic precedes the first time Torque will fight this malefactor. Without Dallas, the cinematic won't show up and the mainliners will attack directly.
  • Dr. Killjoy will appear in the library if you succed in killing all the monsters which spawn there

New malefactors discoveredEdit