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Consuela is a woman of latin origin who is referenced to in The Suffering and makes an appearance in-game in the sequel Ties That Bind. She is famed for researching the history of locations in-game in both games, often commenting on the sordid, evil history in these places. Her files can be collected as the player journeys on throughout the two games, being unlocked as the player reaches a new area or sees a certain scene. In Ties That Bind, she can be found when the player revisits the docks, where the player may free her and ally with her so she may travel to Carnate to find her husband Ernesto. She is shown as being proficient with guns, as she states that Ernesto taught her self-defense using weapons in case she needed it.

In The Suffering Edit

The wife of CO Ernesto. Her notebook entries, known as "Consuela's Journal", document the various loacations around the island. She makes a radio call to Abbott at one point in the game, desperate to find Ernesto.

In The Suffering: Ties That BindEdit

She survived the Carnate incident and was imprisoned by the Foundation. Torque finds her locked up in the docks and can choose to free her. If rescued, Consuela will become separated from Torque, later to be found along with the Creeper. The player can choose to leave her to die, or attack the Creeper (who will feel betrayed by the act) to rescue her. Later Torque can help her get back to Carnate to find Ernesto. Consuela's recounting of local landmarks and urban legends makes up part of the game's Archive section.

Her voice in both games is provided by Meg Savlov.