Dr. Q. L. Killjoy was a psychiatrist and medical practitioner who's known career existed primarily on Carnate Island, at the facility known as Carnate Asylum. Despite his well known disregard for individual human life and controversial methods, it is believed that his underlying intentions stemmed from a good will. His specific study was in the treatment and curing of conditions such as schizophrenia, paranoia, severe and chronic melancholia, disassociative personality disorder, and other severe psychoses. Despite this, his treatments were considered dangerous, abusive, and often deadly. He is voiced by John Armstrong.

In The SufferingEdit

He once worked out of the Asylum in the early 1900s. He used many deplorable methods on his patients, more often than not resulting in their death. No one knows what happened to him, but his spirit now lives on through old film projectors. Killjoy gains an interest in Torque during their first meeting and tries to cure his mental instability, though the reasons for this are ambiguous at best. Torque meets him at several points of the game and confronts him in the old ruined Asylum, wherein he destroys Killjoy's projectors. Following this, Killjoy delivers Torque a diagnosis and makes a final apparition right before the final battle to deliver him his "cure". This "cure", which is a device patented by Killjoy which allows energy to be fired, is crucial toward the end of the game in defeating Torque's Hatred at the docks, thus curing Torque's instability and allowing him to be rescued from Carnate by the skiff. He represents the past.

In The Suffering: Ties That BindEdit

Dr. killjoy
The former operator of the Carnate Institute for the Alienated who has followed Torque to Baltimore. As a doctor he wants to help Torque understand his mind and ultimately cure him of his dementia. To this end he serves as something of a guide for Torque although his methods of guidance are questionable at best.

In his journal entry for the character Jordan, he mentions that malefactors have been appearing in different parts of the world in small numbers for many years, and the incidents from Carnate Island and Baltimore are the first time they have appeared in large numbers. This would indicate that perhaps Torque, with his horrible past, has something to do with these apparitions. Or perhaps even Blackmore himself, who might not be just an alter-ego born from Torque's supposed mental illness, but perhaps a demon or spirit of supernatural origin, similar to the malefactors.

Not long before the final showdown between Torque and Blackmore, the Doctor claims that he met Torque's mother once, hinting that he and Torque share a deeper relationship that has yet to be explained.

Archive EntryEdit

Dr Killjoy-1-

One of Abbott's most persistent legends tells of Doctor Killjoy, the quite insane psychiatrist/surgeon who ran an asylum on Carnate. Doing research of my own, I found that he did indeed exist, though which stories are true and which are fabrication is anyone's guess. Since the cataclysm I have three times seen a surgeon formed of pure light, reminiscent of sixteen millimeter film projection come to life. Could this be the fine doctor?