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Three different endings can be achieved depending on the moral decisions of Torque throughout The Suffering and The Suffering: Ties That Bind. These choices collectively effect/represent Torque's morality and the appropriate ending is shown to the player in series of cut scenes of his wife and two sons, one just before each of his last three battles. A final cut scene after the last battle that shows the true fate of his family, also dependent on his morality. Following the revelation of his family's surmise, he either leaves the island peacefully to news of a retrial, hijacks the oncoming boat, or stays on the island.

The Suffering EndingsEdit

Evil Ending

Torque is berated by his family for having murdered them all in cold blood. He had killed Carmen by beating her to death, drowned Malcolm, and tossed Cory from a window. A rescue boat arrives, with the driver asking Torque as to what had happened on the island. However, Torque instead transforms into The Creature, and hurls a large crate onto the boat, crushing the it and killing the driver. Torque runs off into the island, with the family now happy that he is gone.

Neutral Ending

Torque is criticized by Cory while Malcolm is unsure as to what had happened. Carmen is somewhat simpathetic towards Torque. In this ending, Torque had accidentally killed Carmen in a fit of rage when she had brought up a divorce. Cory, enraged at what Torque had done, drowns Malcolm before killing himself. A rescue boat arrives, with the driver telling Torque to get on board. Torque gets on, and the two flee. However, the driver informs him that the police are waiting to put him and the other inmates back in prison elsewhere, leading Torque to knock him unconscious by hitting him with his revolver. Torque then takes the boat, heading off into the unknown, as Carmen expresses her pity.

Good Ending

Torque is forgiven by his family for what had happened. Here, Torque had witnessed a home invasion where his family had been killed by Blackmore's goons. The crime lord speaks to Torque, informing him of how he had failed to heed his warning, and telling him to "enjoy" his new life. A rescue boat arrives, with the driver telling Torque to get on board. Torque hops on, and sits down on the front. The driver recognizes him, and informs him that his prosecutor was being indicted, giving Torque a re-trial. Carmen then states that she wishes to never be apart from Torque again.

The Suffering: Ties That Bind EndingsEdit

Good Ending

Torque confronts Blackmore, finding him in a state of pain. Blackmore admits defeat to Torque, and fades away from Torque's mind. Carmen then appears and commends Torque for his actions, stating that she never wants them to be apart again. The two embrace, and the game ends.

Neutral Ending

Torque confronts Blackmore, to which Torque attempts to attack. However, he is blocked, leading Blackmore to inform him that they won't be able to get rid of each other.

Evil Ending

Torque confronts Blackmore, who starts affecting Torque's mind. Blackmore informs him that he should of surrendered to him far sooner, and completely erases Torque's personality. Blackmore then presumably sets out to assume control of the city.

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