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Torque fighting a Gorger

The Gorger is a common malefactor in The Suffering: Ties That Bind.

Appearance Edit

Gorgers are large, hulking Malefactors, slightly taller than Torque. They have decayed, green skin, covered in countless open wounds, and have broad shoulders, hunched backs, and distended stomachs. The Gorger's face resembles that of a human, but with a long, thick neck, a significantly wider mouth, the edges of which almost reach it's ears, and a highly muscled jaw. Alongside a set of normal human teeth, Gorger's also possess four long, fleshy mandible-like appendages, each ending with a knife-like blade. These appendages are retractable, and will disappear into the Gorger's mouth after they are killed. Gorgers are only clad in a pair of baggy green pants, and have numerous metallic clamps along their spine and ribs, as well as metal leg braces. They possess four long, clawed fingers on each hand, and dog-like feet. They make noises that sound similar to heavy, guttural breathing, and will also gurgle and roar when attacking. For some reason, there're smaller versions of Gorgers that appear right after killing the captain Triggermen.


Gorgers are compelled by a constant need to feed, and will in-hesitantly attempt to consume anything it finds, primarily living beings, like humans. They will feed on nearby corpses, whether they are a human or a Malefactor, randomly stopping what they were already doing to shovel large chunks of flesh from the corpse. They will even attempt to pin Torque down and eat him head-first. They also appear to be fairly aggressive, even for a Malefactor, as they will willingly attack other Malefactors, and inanimate objects, even if Torque is around and easily accessible.


The Gorger is a manifestation of starvation, and possibly, cannibalism. The creatures seem to be connected to an old urban legend told to children in Baltimore during the Great Depression. When impoverished children would ask why their family had no food, their parents would tell them that an insatiable creature, called the Gorger, had come up from the sewers and eaten all of their food. They were also told that it would eat them if they misbehaved. They seem to be tied to another story; during the Great Depression, a reverend was part of a soup kitchen. When food ran out, rather than letting them starve, he began to serve meat from human corpses to his followers. The people then rallied against the reverend when they learned of his sin.

Tactics Edit

The player must use powerful weaponry such as a Shotgun to stop a Gorger's advances, as it is a large creature. Successful shots can remove its arms, or even decimate it from the chest up. When a Gorger pounces on Torque, mash buttons to fight it off before it can inflict damage. Insanity mode is useful for defeating a Gorger and ensuring it cannot pounce on Torque.

Gorgers may run to fresh corpses and eat flesh from them. This has no apparent effect on the Gorger other than distracting them. This is a prime opportunity for the player to attack and kill a Gorger. Gorgers may also fight other Malefactors or objects they encounter.

Archieve Entry

Jordan's Entry

"Along with the Carnate Island malefactor the Fester, this "Gorger" is distinctive because of it's constant need to feed as part of it's innate behavior. With it's incredibly sharp teeth and highly-muscled jaw, this malefactor seems built to do precisely that. This creature appears to be the incarnation of a popular Baltimore urban legend that tells of an insaciable creature that feeds on whatever it can find."