Hawks is a correctional officer stationed at Abbott and is of English or Australian heritage. He made several radio transmissions directly after the cataclysm. His fate is unknown.

Radio DialogueEdit

  • "Anyone over in the Death House read me? Hawks here, I'm in Cell Block T. The inmates... i- i- it looks like the lot of them have gone off and hung themselves. Eh- I-'s bloody anarchy here, and Luther's lost his sodding mind! What's the status over there? You copy? Hello?... Bollocks, I've got to get out of here."
  • "Anyone hear me? This is Hawks again. I tried to get to the radio building but there're so many of those... those things, eh- they looked like yobs with stilts on... They're all over the yard, and I- I couldn't get through. Has anyone called for help yet? They'll need to call in the military to clean this mess up. What's that there?!? Bloody hell!"
  • "Is this thing working? I think the buggerin' thing's on the blink, hello? Hawks again, still trying to find another C.O. who isn't dead or gone off his nut. I've made it to the admissions building, but I don't know how I'm going to open the blasted gate. The whole mechanism's gone off the spout. If anyone can hear me, I'd advise you to look for a different way out, because it looks like I'm well and truly fucked here. (laughter) The laugh's on us, then, isn't it? Who'd have thought we correctional officers would be the one trying to escape from Abbott. Fucking hilarious if you ask me"