Hell hole

Hell-Holes (also known as Hell Mouths) are phenomena prevalent in both Suffering games, and typically are the means to which the Malefactors enter the world.

In The SufferingEdit

Hell-Holes in the first game are quite basic. They are holes in the earth that look like as if it is a portal to hell, usually seen in outdoor areas, which continually release a red mist. Inside the Hell-Hole, electricity can be seen, and in the Quarry area, demonic chanting can be faintly heard from within a blocked-up Hell-Hole.

Hell-Holes in this game exclusively release Slayers, sometimes spawning them infinitely until Torque performs an action to block up the hole. Torque cannot move past or leap over a Hell-Hole, and must usually seal it up or find another way to proceed. Shining a spotlight directly onto a Hell-Hole causes the gases within to ignite, and prevents the Hell-Hole from spawning Slayers.

In The Suffering: Ties That BindEdit

Hell-Holes in this game serve a similar purpose to the first game, though they are much more prevalent and dangerous. They can now spawn a variety of enemies, including Triggermen, directly onto the streets of Baltimore. If Torque touches a Hell-Hole, he suffers mild electrical damage and is knocked back. Unlike the first game, Hell-Holes without the respecive mist/electricity can be entered in order to proceed in the game, and usually lead to lower sections of the town. Torque also travels in -and then out -of a Hell-Hole when travelling to Blackmore's Drowning Pool in Chapter 16.

Hell-Holes are also frequently left behind by The Horde when it surfaces from the ground, though these holes do not usually spawn monsters.