Insanity Mode is an ability Torque gains in both Suffering titles. Under its influence, Torque screams in rage and transforms into a lumbering beast filled with power and aggression, and is literally able to tear any foe apart. It is a devastating ability used for defeating monsters and for clearing obstacles in the second game.

In The SufferingEdit

After Torque had fought with enough monsters or if he has injuries from fights he will increase his insanity meter, he then has the ablility to become a monster-like being that is strong enough to vanquish numerous enemies at once. Once in insanity mode, Torque only has a limited amount of time before being insane will start to take its toll on his body. After leaving insanity mode the process will begin again.

In The Suffering: Ties That BindEdit

Insanity Mode returns in much the same way as the prequel, with some enhancements. The physical appearance of The Creature and the attacks it gains are a result of the player's moral alignment, becoming stronger as morality drifts to either Good or Evil. Unlike in the first game, the form is crucial to progression in the game as it is necessary to clear obstacles and defeat Captains.

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