Luther Stickwell, otherwise known as The Creeper, is an evil character who appears throughout Baltimore. His appearance is of an overweight man, not fully bald, in a large trenchcoat and gloves. His face is oddly doll-like and the torsos of several scantily-clad women are hidden under his coat, connected to him by bladed tentacles.

Reports from Consuela's Archive scrapbook and loading screens tell the story of a pimp named Luther Stickwell who started murdering prostitutes, before turning his attention to any female he came across, eventually killing between 50 and 200 women and becoming the basis of an urban legend. The Creeper can be found roaming through dark alleys, or down in the sewer system, in which he appears to Torque surrounded with the dead bodies of seemingly hundreds of women. At various points in the game, the Creeper's quavering voice can be heard recounting his exploits, such as how he killed women in the sewers because he liked the damp conditions and elaborating on his misogynistic tendencies and his violent attitudes against women.

In the chapter "The Greatest Story Never Told", players with an evil morality status will fight the Creeper, who will explain "I took [the prostitutes] to a warehouse and when the police got there the whole place was already burnt down." After he is defeated, the women will turn their hooks against him and kill him, but strangely, even to Torque, he enjoyed it.

His voice was provided by Scott Bullock.