Various cops trying to survive in the Malefactor-infested streets of Baltimore. Torque first meets a pair of officers after two of their comrades are killed by a Triggerman. After Torque kills two Triggermen, the male officer opens a weapons trunk for Torque, letting him have a shotgun while the other female officer deputizes Torque in gratitude ("Yeah, consider yourself deputized."). Later, at Eastern, Torque meets up with Warden Elroy, and later, three more officers, who will be enemy or ally, depending if Elroy is with Torque. Only these cops know of Torque's stay at Eastern five years earlier. The last cop Torque meets is trapped behind a wall. Torque can free him by using his insanity to knock down a wall, or turn the crank handles against his wishes and killing him as an evil act.

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