The Suppressor is a malefactor encountered in The Suffering: Ties That Bind.


The Suppressor represents police brutality. However, they are not the prisoners themselves; instead, they are apparently an incarnation of Eastern Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT), which is known for it's brutality.


The Suppressor appears as a humanoid form with decayed yellow skin. It's legs have been amputated at the knee, so it moves by dragging itself along the floor with it's arms. It also appears to be wearing a Corrections Officer's (CO's) outfit, the shirt having been ripped open to reveal a distended stomach, and four Tommy Guns embedded in it's torso. It is bald, and it's face (aside from it's lower jaw) has been replaced by a single, bright floodlight embedded in it's head. It has several spiral-shaped scars on it's arms, resembling prison arm tattoos. It has also lost most of it's senses, the floodlight being it's sole method of finding humans.


Suppressors drag themselves around along the floor in a patrolling manner, only noticing someone when they step into the light being cast from it's floodlight. Once it spots an enemy, Malefactor, or even a breakable object, it sits up, and begins firing relentlessly at them with it's Tommy Guns, not stopping until they die (or break), it dies, or if it loses sight of them.

Telltale SignEdit

As they drag themselves along the floor, they leave thick trails of blood along the floor wherever they go. This is a dead giveaway that a Suppressor is nearby. They also make dragging sounds and emit low grunts as they drag themselves along.


The Suppressor's only attack is to fire rapidly at enemies with it's Tommy Guns, which can cause considerable damage if Torque doesn't move.


The best way to attack a Suppressor is from behind. Once attacked, they will quickly turn around and retaliate, so a powerful gun or Grenade is recommended.

Archive Entry

Jordan's Entry

"The Suppressor is surprisingly mobile given that it is missing a number of its limbs and seems to have lost some of its senses. This malefactor can only see enemies when they step into its intense beam of light, but is relentless once it has spotted a target. Given its appearance and its tendency to show up near Eastern Baltimore Correctional, it seems to be connected to that institution's infamous and brutal Correctional Emergency Response Team (CERT)"