The Quarry, as referred to by locals, is an abandoned quarry and rock mine located on Carnate Island. The rock and stone from this location was used to build the prison and possibly even the The Asylum. It is also one of two ways to reach The Asylum, this way leading to the rear of the building.

Cave inEdit

See also: BurrowersEdit

One of Carnate's many stories is that of a cave in at the quarry. Though it was ran by the Maryland Correctional and supervised by C.O.s, it was mainly staffed and worked by many inmates. The cave in story, quite simply, is that a good number of prisoners were working in a newer, shallow mine shaft that was far less stable than the guards let on. The mine shaft caved in and it was reported by the C.O.s that all of the inmates died instantly. There was a rumor, though, that was so persistent that it has survived to this day with little documentation. The rumor is that the cave in did not fill the entire shaft, but only blocked the entrance, trapping the living inmates inside. The rumor goes on to tell that the guards knew of this but were either filled with such hate for the inmates or such indifference that they left them to die slowly. The supervising C.O.s were investigated, but the D.O.C. found no evidence to convict them. However, in retaliation, a group of inmates overtook and lynched five C.O.s.

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