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Torque as he appears in Ties That Bind

Torque is the main protagonist of The Suffering series. He was found guilty on one count of manslaughter and two counts of murder by a Baltimore County court and sentenced to death at Abbott State Penitentiary. His last known official location was the docks in Baltimore where he was delivered by the last ferry coming from the island. After various sightings throughout Baltimore, his exact whereabouts and condition are currently unknown.


Torque is a physically fit man in his early-mid 30's, with short brown hair in a crew cut, a widow's peak and long sideburns. His usual attire consists of a white tank top with brown wristbands on each arm. What kind of pants he wears depends on where he is incarcerated. In Eastern, he wore blue jeans, while in Abbott, he wears orange pants due to his death row status. In Ties That Bind, Torque acquires a shoulder harness and utility belt upon returning to Baltimore. He is almost always barefoot, but occasionally wears brown work shoes.

Early LifeEdit

Torque was born in Baltimore to unknown parents and raised in Garvey's Children Home. It was there that he met his future wife Carmen. They married and had two children together, Cory and Malcolm. Before the birth of Malcolm, Torque was allegedly set up for murder by the crime lord Blackmore, and spent an unknown amount of time in Eastern Correctional, a Baltimore prison. It was during a visit there that Carmen informed him of her intentions of divorce. Following this, Torque and his friend Miles were confronted by Blackmore and his gang in the prison yard, unhappy that Blackmore's rules were not being followed. As the gang began to beat up Miles, a riot broke out, and Torque and Miles were separated in the chaos. While searching for Blackmore, Torque experienced visions of the creatures he would encounter five years later on Carnate. He then confronted Blackmore and his gang, but blacked out before he could reach the crime lord. At some point after the riot, Torque was released from prison and reconciled with Carmen and his children, as they were living as a family at the time of their murder.

Torque has suffered from blackouts his entire life. He alleges that some of the most heinous things he's been accused of he does not remember and blames said blackouts.

Murders, Trial, and, SentencingEdit

In summer 2004, Torque's wife and his two children were found dead at their home in Baltimore. Carmen was found in the master bedroom bludgeoned to death, Malcolm was found drowned in the bathtub, and Corey had apparently fallen to death from the second story window of his bedroom. When police responded to scene, Torque was found unconscious in the main hallway of the house. Though he claims to have no knowledge of the events or how his family died. However, with no other suspects, the fact that Torque was at the scene and covered in his wife's blood, and through questionable practices on the part of the prosecuting attorney, Torque's trial was fast-tracked. He was found guilty despite no witness testimonies and a severe lack of substantial evidence. However, shortly after his sentencing, the prosecutor of his case was indicted and Torque's trial was to be reheard.

Events of Abbott CataclysmEdit

The game begins as Torque is being escorted by CO Ernesto Alvarez onto death row in Abbott State Penitentiary on Carnate Island, off the coast of Maryland, an island with a long and troubled history. Torque has been sentenced to death for murdering his ex-wife and their two children, although he claims to have blacked out during the incident, and can remember nothing. Shortly after entering his cell, an earthquake rocks the prison, and moments later, all of the inmates on death row except Torque are killed by strange creatures. One of the creatures opens Torque's cell, and he sets out to escape. After seeing several guards killed by the creatures, Torque uses security monitors to find the entire prison is under attack. He then gets a phone call from his dead wife, Carmen, telling him the island is more than a prison, that it brings out evil in everyone, and advising him to escape as soon as he can.

Descending to the basement, he soon encounters the spirits of three of Abbott's most famous occupants: Dr. Killjoy was a psychiatrist/surgeon who ran an insane asylum on the island in the 1920s. Obsessed with discovering what is wrong with Torque, Killjoy appears as an image projected from 16 mm film projectors. Hermes T. Haight was the executioner in Abbot for twenty-seven years, before he committed suicide in the gas chamber. He appears as a green vapor formed into the shape of a human. Hermes is determined to drive Torque into unleashing the evil inside him. Horace P. Gauge was an inmate who was executed in the electric chair for murdering his wife during a conjugal visit. Full of guilt for his actions, he claims Carnate drove him to it, and wants to help Torque realize his decency. He appears in the form of electricity. They teach Torque how to unleash the anger inside himself and transform into a powerful monster, although the physical transformation is only in Torque's mind.

Torque then encounters a fellow inmate, Dallas, who he knows from his previous prison, Eastern Correctional Institution. If Torque chooses to help, they head through the eastern cell block, where Torque has a vision of Carmen, who explains why she left him; when he was incarcerated for the second time, she knew she needed to make a change to her life. Torque and Dallas make it to the loading bay, and Torque heads to the control room, opening the doors, and allowing Dallas to escape. However, a fire starts, preventing Torque from following. He then hears a call from Consuela Alvarez, Ernesto's wife, asking Ernesto to call her. She tells him that herself and the girls are fine, but there is a fire in the nearby forest getting closer to their house.

Torque heads to the western cell block, where he has another vision of Carmen, telling him she is pregnant but is filing for divorce. Torque heads to the radio room, finding the radio is working, but something from the asylum is preventing communication with the mainland. Torque heads to the asylum, and encounters Killjoy, who is determined to 'cure' him using his "Rebirth Machine." Torque fights through a series of tests set by Killjoy before destroying all his projectors. Killjoy then tells Torque to return to the prison, where he will give him his diagnosis.

Torque heads back to Abbott by way of the beach, where he encounters Clem, an elderly inmate who was in the middle of an escape when the earthquake struck. If Torque chooses to spare Clem, he reveals has a small one-person boat ready to sail, but needs Torque's help fighting creatures emerging from a wrecked slave ship before he can leave. Torque sets fire to the wreck, enabling Clem to escape. He enters Abbott's sewer system where he encounters Horace, who tells him Abbott wants his soul. He then heads to the electric chair, destroying it and releasing Horace's spirit. Returning to death row, he finds Killjoy's diagnosis, and then returns to the radio room. Successfully sending a signal, he learns a Coast Guard vessel is on the way. However, Carnate's lighthouse is not working, and must be reactivated before the vessel can approach the island. Torque heads to the lighthouse, passing through the old military barracks, Fort Maleson. In the lighthouse's basement, he encounters Hermes, who forces him to fight. Torque defeats him by using pressurized gas to push Hermes into a furnace. He continues up to the lighthouse, outside of which he meets Ernesto Alverez, who is trying to find his family. If Torque chooses to help Ernesto, they restore power and reactivate the lighthouse, arranging to meet the ship at the dock.

They then head to the nearby village to look for Alverez' family. The gate to town is locked, but in return for freeing his soul, Horace opens it. They then encounter a broken bridge but, impressed with Torque's efforts to kill him, Hermes helps them cross. As they near the village, however, they are separated by a fire, and Alverez goes on alone, telling Torque to get to the docks. As he arrives, he encounters Killjoy, who tells him to cure himself he must face what awaits him, and only by using the Rebirth Machine can he defeat it. Torque heads to the docks where he encounters a massive creature with a miniature version of himself protruding from its stomach. Torque fights and defeats the creature, finally remembering what happened to his family in one of three endings.

Good ending: Torque's family were murdered by two hitmen, one of whom told Torque "the Colonel sends his regards. Back in Eastern, he warned you, but you didn't listen. He said to leave you alive. Only you. Enjoy your new life." Torque heads to the docks and is picked up by the coastguard. On the boat, the captain recognizes him, and reveals that his case has been reopened after the prosecutor was indicted, and Torque will likely have a retrial. The game ends with the boat sailing away from Carnate.

Bad ending: After Torque defeats the creature, he remembers the murders, realizing that he was the one who killed his family; he smashed his wife's head in, drowned his youngest son, and threw his eldest son from the window. When the coast guard arrives, Torque transforms into his monster state and kills him, before running back into the woods of Carnate.

Neutral ending: After Torque defeats the creature, he remembers the murders. During an argument with his wife, he pushed her, and she accidentally knocked her head against the bedside table. Seeing his mother dead, Torque's eldest son, Cory, drowns his younger brother and then jumps from the upstairs window, telling Torque, "You took her away, I'm taking us away." When the coastguard arrives, Torque knocks him out and commandeers the boat, sailing away from Carnate.

The Ties That BindEdit

Following Torque's memory of Eastern, one of three opening cutscenes play, depending on the player's choices from the previous game:

Good ending: Torque is with the coast guard coming from Carnate. As they approach Baltimore harbor, they encounter an army of mercenaries. The coast guard hands Torque over, but Torque faints, and two soldiers approach him, with one saying "We need to get him inside ASAP. This guy's the prime."

Bad ending: Torque is in a semi-unconscious state on the shore of Carnate, with Killjoy berating him, telling him he thought he was cured, and warning if he thinks he has seen the worst of things, he is mistaken. With that, mercenaries arrive and place Torque on a helicopter, with one of them saying, "we have secured the prime target."

Neutral ending: Torque is driving the coast guard's boat when he has a vision of Carmen, who tells him "you went through so much, all because you could never control your anger." The boat is approached by a helicopter, which orders Torque to dock. He does so, but faints, with a mercenary saying "We need to get him inside ASAP. This guy's the prime."

When Torque awakens upon his return, he is strapped down in a warehouse guarded by mercenaries, and introduced to Jordan, leader of an organization called The Foundation, who tells him the "malefactors" are her life's work. However, when the building's power cuts out, Jordan leaves, and Torque is released, hearing Foundation soldiers say the "specimens" have broken lose. Seeing a vision of Carmen telling him he must return to their apartment, he heads into the sewers, where he has visions of Copperfield, an infamous slave hunter, and The Creeper, a pimp turned serial killer. Upon reaching his apartment, he finds a letter from Carmen asking for a divorce, a letter from Miles saying he is learning more about Blackmore, and a letter from Blackmore advising Torque to forget about Carmen. He has another vision of Carmen, who mentions Blackmore goes by the moniker of "The Colonel," and sees Killjoy on the TV, who reminds him Blackmore hired people to kill his family. As Torque leaves his apartment, he sees the malefactors have broken lose onto the streets of Baltimore.

He encounters a drug addict named Keith, who is convinced Torque is his father. If Torque chooses to help, they head to a crack house, passing the gazebo where Torque and Carmen first met. Torque has a series of flashbacks to his early dates with Carmen, his initial employment by Blackmore, and the conflict between them over his loyalties. Heading to Miles' bar, he experiences a flashback to the incident for which he was arrested: A man threatened his children and called Carmen a whore, prompting an enraged Torque to kill him seconds before the police arrived. Miles then contacts Torque via radio, telling him they have to kill Blackmore.

After being separated, Miles tells Torque to meet him at the harbor, where they will interrogate Jordan and find out where Blackmore is. Torque returns to the warehouse, and encounters an imprisoned Consuela Alverez, Ernesto's wife. If Torque decides to help, he releases her, and helps her get a boat to Carnate where she plans to search for her husband and children. He is then ambushed by Foundation soldiers. However, a truck driven by Jordan rescues him. She explains her men have betrayed her, and are working directly for Blackmore, who has been funding the Foundation for years. She is taking him to Eastern Correctional, Blackmore's location.

In Eastern, Torque encounters a dying member of Blackmore's gang, who says "the things you did in here. I mean, you sure made your mark, but why would you hire someone to..." With that, the lights go out, and when they turn back on, the man is dead. Torque is contacted by Miles, who angrily tells him "how long it's been man? How long you been making a mockery of everything?" He then encounters Warden Elroy, son of the infamous warden Raymond Elroy, who took sadistic pleasure in torturing inmates through manual labor and solitary confinement. Elroy tells Torque the prison has descended into chaos since the appearance of the malefactors, and asks for help in restoring order. If Torque agrees, Elroy manages to convince the guards and prisoners to work together, and they are able to escape, although Torque remains behind.

He meets up with Miles, who angrily says "it's been years man, years I been trying to get the straight word on Blackmore. And what the fuck is up with you my man? First I hear this, I couldn't believe, I said no way, not my man Torque. That cracker bleeding out in the basement, he told me what's what and he got no reason to lie. My brain ready to pop. It's too whack, nobody'd make this up. Nobody would never say that you..." However, Torque blacks out, and when he awakens, Miles is dead. Blackmore then contacts Torque, telling him to come to the drowning pool beneath the prison's factory. As Torque heads there, he is attacked by Foundation soldiers backed up by a helicopter piloted by Jordan, who was lying about her men betraying her. Torque defeats the soldiers and kills Jordan.

In the drowning pool, Killjoy, Copperfield and The Creeper assess Torque's moral actions. Torque fights and defeats either Copperfield or the Creeper. However, Blackmore leaves, compelling Torque to follow him. They return to where Torque grew up: Garvey Children's Home. Inside, Torque remembers meeting Blackmore for the first time. However, in his memory, Blackmore is an adult, Torque is a child, and none of the staff can see or hear Blackmore. Blackmore then confronts Torque, telling him that the ties that bind them can never be cut. Torque realizes the truth - Blackmore is not real, he is Torque's alter ego. Whenever Torque blacks out, Blackmore's personality takes over, but now, Blackmore wants to be in control all the time; "we've only got the one body, and I'm tired of sharing." He transforms into a monster, and he and Torque fight, resulting in one of three endings.

Good ending: Torque defeats Blackmore once and for all. Blackmore disappears, and Torque is approached by Carmen, who tells him "I never want us to be apart again."

Bad ending: Numerous things are different throughout the game if the player is playing as an evil character. For example, the letter from Blackmore is to Carmen, not Torque, warning that Torque can't be trusted with the safety of their children. During the scene when Torque sees Killjoy on his TV, Killjoy reminds him that even though he killed his own family, Blackmore had convinced him that Carmen was planning on taking the children away. Later in the game, Jordan meets Torque prior to his arrival in the drowning pool and joins him on his way there. When the helicopter attacks, it is piloted by Blackmore, and Jordan helps Torque fight the Foundation soldiers. In the drowning pool, instead of fighting Copperfield, Torque fights and defeats The Creeper. In the final battle, Blackmore defeats Torque, and absorbs Torque into him. If the player has kept Jordan alive throughout the game, she then approaches Blackmore, asking if Torque is gone. Blackmore says he is gone "for good," and they kiss.

Neutral ending: Numerous things are different throughout the game if the player is playing as a neutral character. For example, the letter from Blackmore is to Cory, not Torque, telling him Torque doesn't really love him. During the scene when Torque sees Killjoy on his TV, Killjoy reminds Torque that Blackmore had manipulated Cory. When the helicopter attacks, it is piloted by Jordan, and in the drowning pool, Torque fights Copperfield. Later, Blackmore reveals that he gave Cory spiked drugs prior to Cory's murder of Malcolm and subsequent suicide. In the final battle, neither Blackmore nor Torque is able to win, and when they approach one another they are repelled away from touching. Blackmore points out "Looks like we're going to play this game a while longer. I couldn't change you, and you couldn't get rid of me. The ties that bind, they'll keep us connected, but apart. And I'll be right here, standing over your shoulder."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Creature: After killing enough enemies, Torque can transform into a beast known as The Creature. To the player and Torque, it looks like a large beast, with dog-like legs, a blade in place of a right arm, and a large powerful claw for his remaining hand. In this form, Torque is very strong and can dispatch most enemies with ease. However, to all other characters, it is suggested that Torque appears no different, instead simply seeming to be enraged. Dr. Killjoy links Torque's black outs with the appearance of this creature and blames a combination of psychosis, such as schizophrenia, severe and chronic melancholia, and dissociative personality disorder.

Weapon proficiency: Torque is shown to be skilled with any weapon he comes across, including shivs, handguns, shotguns, grenades, mounted machine guns, and even a makeshift flamethrower.

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