Based on the idea of gun violence, this creature has a lifeless body clutching two Scorpions and it has spindly legs growing out of bullet holes in its body. It also has spider-like qualities but moves in a more mechanical and powerful way. Its front legs have Shotgun like weapons fused at the ends, and it alternates between Scorpions and Shotguns depending on how far away it is from a target. Triggerman also has a total of six legs and either stands on all six in spider-like form or can rear up on its back three legs.

How to kill Edit

Normal weapon fire to its exposed stomach will suffice to kill this Malefactor. Be warned as it can fire the Scorpions at Torque at close range. If Captain versions of these are encountered, they will spawn normal Triggermen for Torque to kill to fill Insanity, in order to combat the Captain.

Archieve Entry

Jordan's Entry

"A human corpse forms the center of this malefactor. The body appears to have suffered multiple gunshot wounds, particularly to it's head, which has lost a significant portion of it's mass. The malefactor's legs are vaguely arachnid in form and incorporate some type of automatic rifle. As with the Slayer, this Triggerman seems to tie to Baltimore's tragically prevalent street crime, with a high number of homicides each year resulting from gun violence."